10 Simple Tips to Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

Pregnancy is an exciting time and once your little bundle of joy arrives, as well as getting to grips with your changing hormones once again, you will not doubt turn your attention to getting back in shape.

For many women, they feel a lot of pressure to squeeze back into their pre-pregnancy sized jeans but don’t forget, you are a new mum and there are many challenges facing you – and getting back into shape is just one of them.

Here are 10 simple tips to help you get back into shape.

#1 Don’t Rush

Just like pregnancy, your body has gone through a series of changes during giving birth that it won’t do at any other time. It is important you give yourself time to heal physically before you start exercising.

However, a gentle stroll in the sunshine and fresh air with baby in the buggy or in a body sling is great for the body and your emotional spirit.

#2 Breastfeed

We all know that breastfeeding is good for baby but not many of us are aware of just how great it is for us too. Breastfeeding your baby day and night uses up 300 more calories than you would if you bottle fed. It is also the body’s way of helping you recover from birth too – take it!

#3 Go Cardio…

… although we are not suggesting you go for a 10-mile run in the days and weeks following birth – unless that is, of course, you were a runner before and during pregnancy. Cardio can be a walk into town, or a brisk walk in the country or a few circuits of the park. Get your heart rate pumping and go for it!

#4 Stomach crunches

As well as watching what you eat and keeping it as healthy as possible, when you have healed from birth, doing your stomach crunches is one way of helping you get the shape back to your tummy. Start small – 10 crunches a day is a great start – and slowly increase this number as your stomach muscles return.

#5 Find a routine

The same thing doesn’t work for everyone but there is one thing that is true – in order for any form of exercise to have an impact, it needs to be part of your daily routine. Clearly, spending the morning at the gym could prove to be difficult day after day and so your routine will need to adapt around baby. Small exercise sessions whilst baby is sleeping is an ideal way to get several smaller exercise sessions into your day.

#6 Ask for help

As a new mum, you will probably be inundated with offers for help and there is nothing to stop you from taking these offers from time to time. Your emotional health is just as important as squeezing back into your jeans so time spent at the gym once a week, or a swim or a run is a fantastic way of looking after mind and body.

#7 Eat healthy

Just like in pregnancy, your post-birth body needs a range of minerals and vitamins. This means eating well and eating healthily. Swap chips for new potatoes and make a bowl of fresh leaves for you lunch, with olives and feta to pep it up. Eat well and exercise well.

#8 Stay hydrated

It is believed that many of us don’t drink enough in a day and as a new mum breastfeeding a baby, you need to be conscious of how much water you are drinking. Make sure you stay hydrated day and night, keeping a bottle of water with you at all times.

#9 Rest & sleep

Getting enough rest with a bundle of joy demanding your attention all the time is a tough ask. But you need to make sure that you get enough rest. So, in between exercise sessions and everything else in your day, make sure you get a nap too!

#10 Be patient

Birth can be traumatic, both for your body and your mind. Placing pressure on yourself to be a perfect mum, as well as in control and back in your favourite jeans can mean you are being unfair to yourself.

Many women find the early weeks of motherhood a stressful time, no matter whether it is baby number one or 10.

The point is this – enjoy your time and your little bundle. Be active, eat well but don’t be too hard on yourself.


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