22 week bump update!

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So 22 weeks! It is starting to speed by now, it only feels like a few days ago that I was saying I had finally hit the half way mark.

This week I had a hospital appointment with the diabetic clinic. I was so sure they were going to put me on insulin because all my fasting readings have been high but they just told me to double my dose of metformin.

I also spoke with the dietitian because I am struggling with what to eat for breakfast. I don’t like milk so cereals are out of the question and I tried fruit salad and a diet yoghurt but both made my readings high (not everything that seems healthy actually is) and bread also makes my readings high. I know eggs and bacon are fine in any variation but I am getting really bored with that. To be honest she wasn’t a lot of help.

I also had to have a blood test because I think I may be low in iron. I feel extremely tired lately, so much so I feel I can’t cope with simple everyday chores.

I thought my belly wasn’t really getting that much bigger but I took the photo above and thought bloody hell I’m big! Im also starting to struggle with painting my nails, picking things up off the floor, shaving my legs, putting on socks etc. I decided on tights the other day and the OH thought something was wrong because I was struggling so much 🙂

I have also been getting a lot of lower back pain.  Baby boy does sit very low and kicks very low so I assume it’s just the way he’s lying. I asked the OH to pop out and get me some heat patches but he asked the pharmacist first and he said that heat patches are not good in pregnancy or if you have diabetes so I obviously couldn’t have those. He did say the cold patches are better but to take them off if I started to go numb or feel odd. Well they didn’t make me go numb or feel odd, I just didn’t like them. They made my back feel freezing (obviously) but I couldn’t keep the rest of me warm no matter what I did so that made me tense up, which of course did not help my back pain.

To end on a positive we got some beautiful knitted items from OH’s Nan this week. I love knitted clothes on babies.


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  1. Firstly congratulations, It’s been longer than I thought since I last stopped by. Have you tried things like crumpets or waffles or do they have the same effect as bread? Or how about a smoothie for breakfast?

  2. Oh sounds like you’re having a tough time at the moment.
    It will all be worth it in the end 🙂 sending hugs x

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