26 week bump update!


I’ve got to a point where I think my pregnancy is going a bit slow now. I think I’m just fed up with always feeling rubbish, especially because by now I should be as they say ‘glowing’. I feel as far from that as you could get!

This week I’ve had two trips to the hospital. The first one on Tuesday was to have a growth scan because 1) I have gestational diabetes and 2) I have been measuring bigger than I should.

I am happy to say that ‘peanut’ is growing exactly as he should be and is looking perfect! It was so lovely to see him again (I don’t think it ever gets old) and we we got given another picture 🙂


The second appointment was on Thursday and that was to see the hypertension team because last week my BP was raised and I was put on pills, they wanted a plan of action.

While there my BP was raised again so they have given me a BP machine to monitor it every day until the end of my pregnancy, joy! I’m currently on 2 pills a day but if my BP is raised above 140/90 at home then I have to up my dose to 3 a day, if it still rises then I have to call them. I’ve also got to keep on signs of pre eclampsia because I had that with Harry and it all started like this.

I found something else out. I have been feeling really tired lately and apparently the pills I’ve been given for BP can make that worse. Again joy!

Just to end on a positive, it’s half term next week. Oh wait…..

OK so on a definite positive, I bought myself some new clothes 🙂 I got some boots, cardigans and some maternity jeans 🙂

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  1. Mummy's Blog says:

    I’m 25 weeks and I know what you mean about feeling rubbish all the time! I’m definitely not a woman who glows in pregnancy – unless you count sweat as a glow!!
    Is it labetalol you’re on for BP? I was put on that at 14 weeks and it made me feel terrible for a good few weeks, but the effects eventually wore off a bit when I got used to it xx

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