28 week bump update!


I am now in the third trimester, he last stretch! This week I had a hospital appointment but I cancelled it because all it was is to keep an eye on my blood pressure and since I’m home monitoring and have been told to just up my dose if it goes over, it would have been a wasted journey. I was also seeing the midwife that morning so was being seen by someone. If it wasn’t such a long way I probably would have gone but it takes 30 minutes to get there, then 20 minutes to park, an hour until you’re seen as they’re always running late, just for the to say all is OK, see you next time.

The midwives was a bit disappointing. First I had to have a blood test which is ever fun. After we were talking a bit she told me I will be induced at 38 weeks because of the gestational diabetes. I was induced with Harry at 37 weeks but that was for pre-eclampsia. I was really hoping to avoid being induced because it was awful. A horrible and long 30 hour labour. Because the pessary and membrane sweep didn’t work I was put on a hormone drip and that is just the worst experience. Being forced to have contractions when your body is not ready makes them a lot stronger than if you were to go into labour naturally and because you’re on a drip you can’t move freely like you would without it. I am a really fidget when in pain so it was like torture! As soon as I’m 37 weeks, I’m going to try all sots to bring it on naturally.

This week we were also involved in a car accident. Myself, OH and Harry were in the car with OH driving. We were going along a straight road when a women pulled out at a junction right into the side of us. Luckily no serious injuries but we were all really shook up. As the days have gone by myself and OH’s backs have got increasingly more painful, I’m having to have my hot water bottle on almost all day long 🙁 Thankfully Harry seems OK.

This week I have hospital on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I have my whooping cough jab 🙁

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