4 Classic Food Combinations That We Never Tire Of

We might all differ on what we like to spread on our toast – chocolate spread, jam, yeast extract, peanut butter or a mix of more than one. However, there are some foods that are just made to go together, and pretty much everyone can agree that they make classic pairings. Here are four of the best combinations, alongside some top tips on how to make them yourself…


Sausage and mash

There’s something about soft, buttery mash and meaty sausages that just works. Pile a dish high with mash, add on the sausages and cover in onion gravy for the ultimate comfort food dinner. Peas or greens also work well as an accompaniment.

To make the best mash use a floury potato like King Edward or Maris Piper. For something a little different, pop some swede in there too. Cook until very soft – but not disintegrating – then mash thoroughly with plenty of Lurpak butter, seasoning and a splash of milk. For really smooth mash you can use a hand blender.


Beef stew and dumplings

Rich, sumptuous beef stew needs something stodgy and satisfying in it to soak up all the juices – which is why dumplings are always a winner. Make them from flour or suet and add cheese or herbs for extra flavour. The fun part is watching them grow as you sit them on their steamy bed of meat and veg.

To make sure that your stew packs a punch, you can add all sorts of flavours. Beef works really well with horseradish, mustard, Worcestershire sauce or ale, and a little goes a long way with all these ingredients. Add a touch of all four and your stew will sing, then plop those dumplings on top to round this family favourite off perfectly.


Steak and chips

Chips come in many forms – straight cut for accompanying battered fish, skinny to go with burgers or hot dogs and wedges alongside pizza. But there’s one perfect pairing that makes steak night great – steak and ridge cut fries. The deep grooves in the chips make them crispy and even more flavoursome.

What cut of meat you go for is up to budget and preference. Rump and sirloin are slightly less expensive options, while fillet is very lean and more pricey. Rib eye steak has more fat so provides extra flavour, especially when charred slightly. For a hassle-free dish, McCain Steakhouse Chips are ready to go in the oven and have a rich beef flavour. Add some peppercorn sauce and you’re set.


Bacon and eggs

There are so many ways that you can eat bacon with eggs – in a butty, as a fry-up, in an omelette, a quiche or even in pasta as a carbonara. The richness of the eggs is cut through by the saltiness of the bacon, while the addition of a fried tomato adds some acidity and brings everything together.

You’ll want your bacon to be dry cured for a better flavour, while smoked or unsmoked is up to you. The eggs should be as fresh and free range as you can get. If you’re going for a butty, pick a roll up that morning fresh from the bakery if you can for the freshest flavour possible.
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  1. Well now I’m hungry!! Great choices, some classic combinations that we love too! Notice that strawberry milkshake and fries is not up there though… 😉
    I think I’ll plan a stew this week, thanks! Xx

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