7 signs you’re in your 30’s

I am 32 and have realised that whoever said “30 is where the fun begins” are actually full of shit! There are the odd positives but there are far more negatives when you hit 30! In my case it all went tits up from my 30th birthday.

1) You have a pee and get into bed. All is fine, you sleep all night and drink nothing. Morning comes and you’re desperate for a wee! You may be offered a lie in, but long gone are the days you could just lay in for hours and not visit the loo. No, now, you have to go, or you will piss yourself!

2) Remember when you used to colour your hair for the fun of it? Well now you will be doing it because you need to! Those little grey hairs, or in my case disco fever silver, start to creep out.

3) It takes a decade to get over anything. Remember when you caught a cold but would take a few pills and it’s gone in a couple of days? Now? You get a cold, expect that bastard for 2 weeks!

4) You no longer get asked for ID. Remember when you would get asked for ID and be offended? Of course you looked old enough. Well you wait until you’re no longer asked. It’s not that fun.

5) Your brain is no more. Gone are the days of going shopping without a list or remembering all phone numbers and all birthdays. Now, you need a calendar, Filofax and several notebooks. (The positive to this is you get to spend money of pretty stationary) Now you will find you need lists to try and remember your lists!

6) You see ‘kids’ that you used to babysit and they’re now sporting a beard or are working full time and go out and get pissed on a weekend. And you think surely they’re not old enough for that? I was only in school….how many years ago?! Shit!

7) You go for a night out (And now a meal at a restaurant is also classed as a night out) and you dress appropriately for the weather and you look at ‘girls’ and think “God are they not cold in that?’ or ‘do they not realise how stupid they look with no coat on in this weather?’

You see there are some positives (I won’t list them here as I’m struggling with coming up with any) but there are far more negatives not so good factors about being 30. Anymore you can think of?

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    hahaha! I can relate to nearly every one of those but I’m 35 and still get asked for ID in our local Asda for alcohol EVERY TIME! Someone I used to baby sit is married and has kids of their own….Jeez! It makes me feel old!

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