A belly piercing at 14?


My Daughter (13) keeps asking if she can have a belly piercing. Last night when coming up to bed and we found this letter on our bedroom door



Note how we are mummy and daddy when she wants something 🙂

My answer is always NO. I think 14 is far too young to have your belly pierced. I can’t see me saying yes until she is 18 and then I don’t really have a choice.

She also keeps asking if she can dye her hair. Again my answer is NO. I use to be a hairdresser so I know how much it ruins your hair and I don’t want that for her at such a young age.

Plus I think she has lovely hair and a lovely natural colour and I don’t want her to ruin that


I know some of her friends have been allowed to do these and more. Like false nails, fake tan, fake eyelashes etc 

I don’t like any of these, not on 13/14 year olds anyway!

Am I being too strict? Do/would you let your daughter do any of these? Do you agree?


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  1. I totally agree, I would feel the same…that said I was just like this at her age. *sigh* why don’t teens realise just how amazing and beautiful they are naturally!? (sorry I’m getting my middle age on today clearly!)

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