A day in London!

On Monday the 21st July myself, OH, teen, tween and toddler had a day in London. We knew before we went what we would like to do. We had planned a few different things but we thought we would see how the time went to see what we could actually fit in.
We knew we didn’t want to use the tube. Firstly because OH is not entirely keen on trains, let alone underground ones 🙂
Secondly the tube would have cost us £36 whereas using taxes on the day cost us £17! Big difference!

This was Harry’s first time on a train, he loved it!
The older two have been on trains when they were younger but they couldn’t remember so it felt like their first time too. They loved it and were really excited, but in a cool way, obviously 🙂

First I will tell you how our day panned out and then I will include my favourite photos at the end of my post.
First we had the train journey. When we got off we had a taxi to marble arch. We sat in Hyde park and ate our lunch that we had packed, it was lovely, the weather was gorgeous!
After that we walked to Harrods to have a little wander around (it’s absolutely huge so could have easily spent the day there, but we knew we wanted to do more than shop) after that we walked to The Natural History Museum. This was really fun, amazing for free! We walked around almost all of this museum but it was extremely hot and we started to not enjoy it because it got too hot! So we went next door to the Science Museum, again free and amazing! This museum was cooler and we enjoyed it a lot more. Again we couldn’t get around the whole museum because our tummies were telling us we were ready for dinner. So we had a walk to find food. I offered all the lovely places to eat but what did everyone choose? Yes, McDonald’s! Boring!
After dinner we walked around a little bit again and then had a taxi back to the train station. We had half an hour in the station before getting on our train. Due to a customer accident? The train was cut from 8 carriages to 4, it was horrible! We had to stand up until last 2 stops, that was about 30 mins out of a 2 hour journey!
So apart from the journey home it was a great day! We can’t wait to do it again

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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  2. steph says:

    it looks like a great day. i’ve never been to london. i really should go 🙂

  3. redrosemummy says:

    Sounds like a great family day out. Surprised you found taxis cheaper, I think you automatically think that the tube is the cheapest way to travel! I took my son to the Natural History Museum last year and we had a lovely day. Thanks for linking up to #WHWH

  4. I have to take my children to Longdon. My 5 year old keeps mentioning it, he’s heard about so many things he wants to see 🙂

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