A fantastic good Friday!


The only plans we had for Good Friday was an Easter egg hunt but we happened to have the best of days. We just played the day by ear and it was great. We had no arguments from the kids, they just played lovely together (which is a rare treat)

First thing we did was have breakfast together, which I loved! The OH works nights and the older two sleep in on holidays so we don’t very often get to enjoy breakfast together. Harry had a treat of sugar puffs and the rest of us had bacon sandwiches 🙂

Then we played out in the garden for a few hours. Then we had the Easter hunt. You can see the post I wrote about that  HERE

The kids had lunch in the garden



Then we decided to drive around looking for a park that the OH and I came across once. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it but it was a lovely drive through the countryside. We chatted in the car about funny moments we remember and it was just lovely.

We then went to a park that we did know and the kids loved it! Here are a couple of lovely shots I got of them 🙂


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