A night of dance!

Last night I went to a college in town to watch my daughter do a dance. I had no idea what it was, how much she was doing, if anything else was on etc. 

It was £3 a ticket and at first, I thought that was a bit of a rip off just to watch my daughter do a little dance. But now I’ve been, I would happily pay that again, it was brilliant! 

The show was 2 hours long. My daughters (and her school friends) was 3 minutes long and the rest was filled up with year 10 dance students and level 3 dance students (they are so talented) 

It started with ‘into the woods’ it’s the film, in a dance version. It was brilliant! It made us laugh and smile. The kids are so flipping talented, I didn’t feel like I was watching an amateur show. 

After that it was my daughters schools turn  


They did a dance to James Bay- Hold back the river. It was really good, they all did a great job. My daughter was so nervous, but I am incredibly proud of her, she has been involved in so much at her school, it’s great to see her growing so beautifully. She loves to dance. She used to do it when she was younger and it’s times like this, I wish she had kept it up. 

The evening was so good and at the end I honestly felt like I’d been out for an evening that I had paid £10 a ticket for 🙂 

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5 Responses to A night of dance!

  1. That sounds wonderful! Great that the show was so good, and fabulous that your daughter did so well, and that she enjoyed it! #loudnproud

  2. David Ball says:

    and we weren’t told about this why? xx

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! That sounds lovely! Well done your girl x

  4. Aww that’s so lovely and yay for your girl! Great that she has found something she loves to do and that she is so good at it, glad you had such a great time watching too! xx

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