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I have been looking for some storage for my tween’s bedroom. With it being a small room I have struggled to find the perfect item. So when Addis asked me if I would like to review their Sit and Store I jumped at the chance!

Addis are a company that have been around since 1780 so are obviously doing something right. If you read THIS you can see just how far they have come and what makes them just a great brand.

I have had a few items from Addis before all of which were great but they were all cleaning products. I had no idea they had items like this.

With it being a storage bin and seat it makes it perfect for his small room. He uses it to store all his bits and pieces in but it is also the perfect height to sit at his desk with.

With it being 2 in 1 we cut out the need for a big desk chair and big storage units 🙂 This allows him to use the floor space in his room instead of it all being taken over with furniture.

It’s also really easy to keep clean, which is a massive bonus with a tween (the nightmares I have had over his bedroom)

Not only is it light so he can move it around his room himself (depending on its contents) but its also very sturdy and durable and it comes with the 10 year Addis guarantee. Bonus! Jordan says it feels safe and comfortable to sit on.




The lid is easy to get on and off too even Harry could do it 🙂




Harry also wanted to sit on it, but as you can see by his face he wasn’t all that keen once he was on it 🙂 



It is the ideal product for clothes, laundry, books, toys and more. I would definitely recommend it. And if you are not a fan of the blue, it also comes in red.Were thinking of buying the red one for the teen 🙂

If you would like one of these items or to look at the other great items Addis have you can HERE

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this item to review but all words and opinions are my own. 

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