Adventures with the Micro Trike

We recently received the awesome Micro trike from Micro Scooters Limited. At first I was unsure because it looked like not a lot of bike. But as soon as we started using it we fell in love and now we use it all the time. We’ve used the pushchair once in 3+ weeks. Jack loves sitting on it. The only one downside was when I went shopping I had to carry everything I’d bought, ha!

It’s the perfect item if your child prefers to walk more but still needs something at times. Sometimes when I let him walk and I have the pushchair, because two hands need to be on the pushchair, I can’t always keep up with him and I always have the worry he might run into the road. With the trike I can let him walk and fold it up flat and pop it on my shoulder. That way I can still keep up with him.

It’s perfect for on the school run because it only needs one hand to push and steer so harry can hold my other hand which he can’t do with the pushchair.

I was gifted this trike and was not asked to write a blog post, I just wanted to share because we genuinely love it. It’s going to be perfect for days out in the summer holidays.

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