An eventful meal out!

We recently had a bad experience with Brewers Fayre having waited an hour for our food. I complained through email and was given a £20 voucher 🙂

So we decided to use it tonight. We sat down and looked through the menu but Harry saw the soft play area and wanted to go in. We were not ready to order so I took him in and let him run around. A little girl came in, she was clearly older than Harry because she was talking. Harry was climbing up ready to go down the slide, he got to the top and she pulled on his hair. I shouted “don’t do that please” so she stopped. She went down the slide and he followed. At the end she grabbed his face and pushed him back. I grabbed him and took him out. The mother was sitting with two other women drinking and not watching her at all.

I waited a little while and then let him go back in (he wanted to) and she did it again! He had a big scratch down his eye and he was upset so I took him out again. Her mother lives near my mum and she is, what do you call it? Rough! So I thought I’m not going to mention it to her because she may kick off at me so I went to the bar and asked them if they could quietly mention that her child is being a little shit (obviously didn’t say that but that’s what I thought)

They had a word with her and after that I got constant stares, from all three women! She obviously saw her daughter do that to know it was me complaining. Luckily we were not sitting close to her. Anyway we just carried on ordering our dinner and keeping Harry occupied. They got up to leave and we were sitting up on a balcony that they had to walk past. One of the women stared at me as she went past and when she got a little distance away she shouted “she’s only fucking two and a half” I just stood there (I had just stood up as she shouted) and then she shouts out “you fat cow” I thought it ironic that she states she’s only two and a half yet you are calling someone a fat cow in front of her. Unfortunately for her she did it right near the manager! The manager later came to me and said he has told all the bar staff and she will not be welcomed back in. Ha! All the people surrounding me were shocked by her and said they thought she was awful.

I have to say the service and food were excellent this time so I think our last experience was a one off.

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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  1. Tim says:

    How awful. As well as you, it’s that poor child I feel sorry for. Only 2.5 and already being subjected to terrible behaviour from the grown-ups closest to her. What hope for any child if they’re being brought up like that. Good on you for standing up for Harry in the first place though!

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