Another stressful morning, really?

Another stressful morning, really?

For one day I would just like to not have a stressful morning. I should say it is mostly the 10 yr old boy that gives me the most grief, my daughter it’s usually just “eat breakfast” and “brush your teeth” everything else she’s pretty good with. My son on the other hand, where do I start? I will tell you what happened this morning:

He comes down stairs with no jumper. again! (hello, you do know it’s bloody winter don’t you?)
I’m sitting on the loo and I hear “mum can I come in and ask you something?” (How about F OFF)
I’m feeding harry so he needs to do his own breakfast (Jordan’s idea of breakfast is a salad cream sandwich) Yuck!
He reads to me (can you just write that i read these days too)
He has a big hissy fit over his jumper because the arm is tucked in!
He cries because he forgot to do his homework (which obviously is everyone’s fault but his!)
He brushed his teeth for 2 seconds rather than 2 minutes

We also had a big argument over his letter to Santa! He wants a stunt scooter, i said he’s not getting a stunt scooter! (The kids are aware that we buy the presents, but they think we send them to Santa and he makes the choice to deliver them or not!) I was going to tell you about last night, but i would be writing all day!

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