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As you’re probably aware we’re in full swing with weaning Jack. It is so much fun (more so than with my other children) and we love trying new flavours and textures with him so when Babease we couldn’t wait to start trying them!

Babease say….

At Babease we passionately believe the exciting journey of food starts from the very first mouthful.

That’s why our experts; a Chef, a Nutritionist and the best experts we know Mums, have created a perfectly balanced vegetable led range of recipes for your baby, where every ingredient is used for a reason.

And I love their quote…  Food for babies, not baby food.


First we tried Jack with the sweet potato, butternut squash and pear and he absolutely loved it! I was planning on only giving him half a pouch but he had the whole pouch!



Next we tried the broccoli, parsnip, green and puy lentils and he did not like this one, he just refused to eat and would spit it out. Then we tried the pumpkin and pea and he didn’t eat the whole pouch as before but he did eat a quarter, I personally just think he didn’t want much food at that time.

So 2 out of 3 is not bad. Children, like adults have different taste buds and will favour some flavours over others. You may have a baby that liked one and not the other, I don’t think it anyway is because of the product.

Things I love….

  1. They have different coloured caps for the different age ranges on their pouches
  2. They are pouches which makes them easy for out and about
  3. They have a big range of both sweet and savoury
  4. Every ingredient is used for a reason
  5. They use premium organic ingredients

And there is nothing we don’t like.

We also got sent a bag and a bib (which he is wearing in the photo above) which you can also buy on their website. I’ve used the bag a few times now, it’s super handy.


So all in all a big thumbs up from us 🙂


*We were sent these products for the purposes of review but all opinions are honest and my own.


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