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I recently won a competition with BabyMule via Facebook. I was excited of course because who doesn’t love to win something? But I already had a changing bag so did wonder how I would use it. That was until it arrived! I love it so much, I am writing a post.

Firstly I am absolutely amazed at how much I can fit in this bag. With my other changing bag, it’s only going to be enough for baby but this one I can fit everything I need for baby, change of clothes and pants for Harry and all things like purse, phone etc that I would carry a handbag for. So I am only going to need this one bag instead of 3, just that alone should make you want one of these in your life.

I also love the fact you can carry it 3 different ways.  So is suitable for anyone.

  1. Fully supportive backpack (it is so comfy, even my OH agreed)
  2. Stylish messenger
  3. clip to your buggy/pushchair

The bag also comes in 5 different colours. I have Navy but it also comes in Black, Green, Charcoal and Chocolate.

The bag also comes with a brilliant accessories pack


Which includes a changing pouch, changing mat, bottle insulator and wet bag in handy purse. I can’t wait until baby is here and I can start using it 🙂

The bag cost £85 which is a bargain for how good it is. For instance I paid that amount for my other changing bag, but I’m not writing about that one, I’m writing about the one I won in a competition, that’s how good it is!

I highly recommend this bag. It’s great if you have one child, a baby and an older child and I honestly think it would be enough if you have twins too because you can always buy an extra accessories pack.


*I won this changing bag so have not been asked to write a review, I just love it so much. All words and opinions are my own.

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