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We were recently asked if Harry and Jack would like to review a BeMyBear each. Of course they said yes so we went on their site and had a look at their selection. There were so many to choose from it was a really hard decision. Harry picked the Husky Dog and Jack chose the Cuddle Bear. The kits are actually for ages 3+ so Jack only being two is too little but he was adamant he wanted the same as his brother and I know he wouldn’t have been happy with the pre stuffed bears they have for younger ones.

I’m glad that he wanted the same as his brother to be honest because I got to have a go at making one and he enjoyed joining in a little.

In the kits you get;

  • Unstuffed teddies
  • Stuffing
  • Star Charm
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passports
  • Box
  • Instructions

I love how the instructions are just 6 easy steps, it made it more enjoyable and easier to follow. First we had to take the stuffing out of the bag and fluff it up. This part was super fun

Next is the stuffing. Tom and I started by stuffing the arms and legs but then we let the boys take over with the rest.

Excuse the mess and blur, Tom needs to work on his photography.

Next comes the sweetest bit. We needed to hold our star charms which have different words on (Harry’s had courage and Jack had kindness) and make a special wish before putting them inside the teddies near the chest.

When that is all done they have a one way zip (brilliant idea) and a Velcro closing to be extra secure.

When the boys had finished cuddling

We let the boys name them and I wrote their birth certificates.

Harry naming his Darry (because it rhymes with Harry, obvs) and Jack going with the name Teddy.

Harry wrote both Harry and Jack.

We love these and would definitely recommend them. They would make a great, reasonably priced activity for half term.


*We were given these kits for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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6 Responses to BeMyBear Review

  1. This looks great and much better than Build A Bear in my opinion which I’m not a fan of! The fact you can make this at home is great and looks like you had fun! x

  2. Jenni says:

    Oh this looks like so much fun. I love the idea of being able to do it at home. Those little birth certificates are so cute!

  3. This looks great fun, my girls love cuddly toys and would love to make their own!

  4. We reviewed these too and the kids had great fun. I think they are a fantastic idea for birthday parties too

  5. These are a fab idea! I love the Husky one! xx

  6. These are a fab idea! I love the Husky one! xx

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