Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics Book


This book is inspired by real life class experiences to which we can all relate, adults and children alike. Two young, apprehensive gymnasts step foot into what would appear to be a daunting new experience; their first gymnastics lesson, only to find that all is not as overwhelming as it would first appear. In no time at all Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack make new friendships, gain confidence and learn new skills leaving them excited to return again.

As anyone will know it can be very daunting to start anything new, especially for children. And sometimes the best way to comfort them is for them to see for themselves that it’s not bad. This Is were this book can help. It’s about two children starting gymnastics and being very nervous but soon realising that it’s very exciting and fun. I think this book could be read to a child that is starting anything new, and not just gymnastics because the message that it will be ok is still there.

Sadly Jack doesn’t have the patients for this book only being two but Harry (5) loved it! I think it would have been the perfect book to read to him before he started school.

We read it before bed the other night and he really enjoyed it, so much so we’ve read it again a couple of times since.

I definitely recommend this book and give it a rating of 5/5


*I was sent this book for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest.

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