Bibsy Bib Snood Review!

Review of our bibsy bib! 

We were lucky to be sent a snood bib from Bibsy Bibs to review. We were sent it as it’s in wolves colours and i have a house full of wolves fans. I got great comments from the family, they love it! Even my 10 year old son wanted to try it on! 

I’m not a wolves fan but even I love the colour, it’s so vibrant.
When I first received it, I was really impressed with the packaging, it looked so professional. It did look even neater, but harry grabbed it from me before I could take a picture. (he must of just been so excited!)

It has all the information you need to wash the snood, buy more, contact info, about the snood etc.

I love it! I was going to do a pro’s and con’s but don’t have any con’s. I was so impressed with it. It feels really thick so you know it will soak up dribble but its also thin enough to fit nicely around baby’s neck. Because they are fleece It feels so soft to touch which makes me feel confident in putting it on harry as I know it wont irritate his skin. When I put bibs on harry, I am constantly moving it back in place because they twist every time he moves, but with the snood it stays put! But best of all even if it did twist about, it wouldn’t matter as it would still work because it is the same all around, rather than a triangle in the middle. I like that it has press studs at the back (which were very easy) as in my eyes velcro is a bit pants. It has two press studs at the back so they can grow with your child, which is always a bonus, as it saves money 🙂 And even better at a price of only £3.45–£4.25 they are a bargain! I will definitely be buying some more! I also love how it became a part of harry’s outfit, he look’s so cool!

If you would like to buy any or take a look, here’s the link

I was sent this bib free to review but all words and opinions are my own 


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