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My teen has always been a fan of lego since he was very small so I have had years and years of knowing the pain of standing on some lego. Now Harry has gotten to the age of liking it so I thought I need something to organise it and keep my feet safe. And that’s when I discovered Blokpod.

Blokpod is an all in one product. There are no extra parts to buy or parts to replace.

Blokpod is easy to use.

As your collection grows so will the Blokpod.

Blokpod offers much more space compared to other storage solutions and can hold considerably more bricks.

Blokpod is adaptive with more add ons being released all the time for your existing unit.

Blokpod cleans up in an instant.

Blokpod has a simple twist top.

Blokpod is crafted from durable plastic to withstand the most aggressive enthusiast.

Blokpod sorts bricks of all sizes and brands.

Blokpod is transparent. You can watch the fun!

Blokpod comes with a money back guarantee and an industry leading 15 year WARRANTY

Sounds great right? Well it is!


The idea is to tip the Lego into the top and then you give it a little shake and the blokpod sorts the Lego for you because the grates are different sizes. The smaller Lego falls to the bottom and then the bigger pieces stay at the top! This is great for a number of reasons

1) If your child wants to build something, they don’t have to search through one Lego pot because they will easily be able to see what they need.

2) If you have children of different ages, as I do, I can give the teen the smaller pieces at the bottom and I give Harry the bigger pot at the top.

3) cleaning is easier. I just tip all the Lego in at the top and the blokpod organises them for me.


I love how it’s far bigger than I expected so will fit loads in but it doesn’t get in the way, the shape makes it very easy to store. 

You can get blokpod’s from Amazon for £34.99 which is a bargain! I highly recommend it! 

*we were sent this blokpod for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    This is such a genius idea!
    I am thinking about getting one of these. I hate sorting Lego. lol x

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