Brainwavz Jive Headphones Review 

About this item

The Brainwavz Jive has been meticulously crafted out of high quality metal and designed into a sleek and sophisticated shape to give our listeners a crisp, smooth and accurate playback of any music. Embedded into these earphones are finely tuned dynamic drivers that not only produce high fidelity vocals & acoustics with accuracy but an incredible liveliness and a wide soundstage fit for any audio appreciator.

Fit for any genre of music, the Brainwavz Jive brings you right into the music when listening to either rock, jazz or even classical, making this product a real music loving experience. For extra and added comfort, a complimentary set of ComplyTM Foam tips are also included in our new refined earphone hard case, giving you that extra comfort for easy listening.

My Thoughts

We love these headphones! I say we because myself and both teens have used them (and keep fighting over who’s they’re) they are so easy to wear because they come with different silicone tips so suitable for almost everyone.



The quality is so good with these too, for music and phone calls. I used to always buy the kids cheap ones but they never last. We have a few pairs of different Brainwavz earphones now and all have lasted brilliantly and all are still working and have been used many many times! I use them almost daily. If the kids are all in bed asleep, I either listen to music while I work or I watch a lot of Netflix and YouTube and always wear headphones so as not to wake the baby.


– Lively, clear and detailed sound with a mild bass punch.
– All metal housing, sleek and in three color variations.

– Apple iPhone and Android specific 3-button microphone and remote.

I also use them on walks with Jack in the pram. It’s great when the phone rings and I don’t have to stop and search for my phone, I just press a button!

Microphone and Remote:

iOS & Android Versions
Phone Call Control

Audio Player Control

3-Button Remote

Included Accessories:
1 x Comply S-400 medium foam tips
3 x Pair silicone tips (S/M/L)

1 x Velcro cable tie

1 x Shirt clip

1 x Brainwavz logo sticker

1 x Brainwavz earphone carrying case

1 x Instruction manual & Warranty card

I recommend these to anyone with an active lifestyle, watches a lot of videos, listens to music or has teenagers, they’re brilliant. You can buy these from Amazon for £19.50 in a variety of colours.


*We were sent these earphones for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest.

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