Breakfast with Santa 


We were recently invited to have breakfast with Santa at our local Wyvale garden centre. We visit this garden centre a lot, especially around Christmas because Harry loves (and we do) all the Christmas displays and it’s usually where we come to visit Santa.

But we have never experienced the breakfast with Santa, until now. Well it was brilliant! Harry loved every minute. I would highly recommend it.

Firstly when we got there, we were taken to our seats which were already chosen out for us. There were 4 large tables. At our seats we were sat next to each other with Harry between me and daddy. At Harry’s seat he had a plate with a Christmas tree biscuit, some icing and 3 pots of sweets to decorate the biscuit and a Christmas cracker. Harry got straight into decorating the biscuit and loved it! The problem was he ate quiet a lot of it so when breakfast came, he didn’t eat much. But that could be blamed on us for allowing him to eat it.

The elves came round chatting to the children and asking us all if we would like a drink. The offer was tea, coffee or squash for the children. I don’t like tea or coffee so had to have the children’s squash which wasn’t a big deal but would have been nice to be offered a more adult alternative like pure orange or apple juice.

After everyone was settled the children were allowed to choose what they wanted from the buffet that was in the room. They had a choice of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash brown, beans and toast.

When all children were seated with their food the adults breakfasts were delivered. I’m glad I quickly caught an elf to ask what was on the plate because I don’t like black pudding or beans so requested for those to not be in my plate. I was told when you order you’re told what’s on your plate but as I didn’t order because this was for a review I don’t actually know if you get a choice so that would need to be looked into if I went again because not everyone likes beans. If the black pudding was on there I could have just not eaten it like other things but beans are unavoidable and it would have ruined my breakfast.

Anyway mine didn’t come with beans or black pudding and the breakfast was really lovely.

After breakfast was eaten and settled slightly, all the children and elves got up to dance. Harry was very shy so I had to get up too. He did enjoy it but I think it would be better next year when he’s that little bit older. Some people had taken their really small children (and not as younger siblings) and in my opinion I don’t know what they got out of it.

After dancing all the children sat down and listened to one of the elves until Santa came in. Harry smiled and gave a quick wave 🙂

We sang to Santa and then we all got in a line to visit Santa. Again Harry was shy but he was not too bad with me sitting with him so did chat a little to him. After he got to choose his own gift from a selection. I think that’s a great idea because you often get a in their view ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ toy. This way if a boy wanted a frozen puzzle or a girl wanted a truck set, they could. Harry chose the truck set.

IMG_3768 (1)

So overall it was a truly lovely morning and I will definitely be going again next year!


*we were given tickets free of charge for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are all my own and honest.

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  1. Looks a lovely treat before Christmas

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