Bullying and hair dye!

Teens school have made me so angry today for 2 reasons.

Firstly her hair was dyed purple on Tuesday


(Yeah hardly purple at all, just a bit in the light)

and today I was left a voicemail message saying that it is against school policy to have dyed hair so they are keeping her off timetable until it is dyed a different colour. Firstly how can they make her sit upstairs and not in her lessons, just because of her hair colour and secondly there is no way I am dying her hair on top of that dye! And what’s more ridiculous is that they say the colour of her hair is affecting her learning! No I think you will find that you taking her out of lessons is affecting her learning!
I am so flipping angry with them and I’m tempted to not let her go in tomorrow

The second is about bullying. On Facebook at the weekend a boy from a different school zoomed in on one of Courtney’s photos near her armpit and screenshot it and put it on his page saying “eww someone needs a shave” it was just the way the light was. I will add you could see it was of teen.
Anyways a few girls from her school and lots of others commented nasty things and made teen feel awful. It’s not nice being ganged up on.
Anyway I informed the school and today, in the same voicemail, I was told that teen was being a drama queen about it and the girls haven’t done anything wrong! How fucking dare she say that she is being a drama queen over it when she has not even seen the messages?!

I am now going to look at the website and see if it says anything about dyeing hair because of it doesn’t, I’m going to state that how can we know its policy if your website doesn’t tell us?

And just to add, teen never gets in trouble, has hardly any time off and is always at school on time.

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17 Responses to Bullying and hair dye!

  1. Lyn says:

    Sorry you’re having such a tough time. They definitely should have dealt with it a lot better. X

  2. What on earth?? Firstly as a teacher I can confirm that I have never had a child’s hair colour impact on their ability to learn! What kind of school policy thinks that an appropriate response to hair dye is to deny the child a chance to participate?? Makes me so angry! And then to top it off they don’t have any anti-bullying policy in place by the sounds of things?

  3. Laura says:

    I’ve heard about hair dye policies like that before. My school was like it too 🙁
    I think the bullying comment is absolutely outrageous though! X

  4. This sounds so awful, it sounds like they’re trying to punish her for the ‘purple’ hair. I really hope you get it sorted x

  5. Our school have the same policy when it comes to hair dye too I think it is pretty standard. Doesn’t make any sense if you ask me but hey ho! Being strict about uniform is one thing but I’m not sure how the colour of your hair distracts you from learning?! As for the bullying though, I would definitely want to take that further. I can’t believe that they have dismissed it like that. So not on. I really hope that you can speak to somebody who can offer more help and support. It seems so silly that they are being so tough about the hair rule (if indeed it is a rule!) but not doing anything to address what really matters? I feel your frustration! Argh!

    • Thank you. I was aware there may be a policy on it but half the school walk past my house and lots of girls have their hair dyed and are not being taken out of school! I’m going to the head tomorrow and going to complain about that teacher. It’s unacceptable to say my daughter is being a drama queen. X

  6. sarahmo3w says:

    Oh my goodness! No wonder you’re angry!
    I know a lot of schools have the hair dyeing policy and if that’s the case at the schools my kids go to, I wouldn’t allow them to dye their hair. BUT having dyed hair doesn’t affect a child’s learning. Being kept away from classes is ridiculous.
    The armpit Facebook situation is a whole different situation altogether, that’s awful. Kids can be so evil.

  7. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought says:

    I completely agree, taking her out of lessons is utterly ridiculous and the fact that they have made such a big issue out of her hair but dismissed the bullying is not on. I hope you can get it sorted asap x

  8. Kim Carberry says:

    No wonder you are angry! I would be too!!
    i would love to know how dyed hair affects someone being able to learn…..Jeez!!
    As for the bullying I would be taking it further too…..Have you tried speaking to the school governors or someone higher up than the people you are dealing with now….Good luck I hope you get it sorted soon. x

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  10. David Ball says:

    Schools an arsehole!

  11. Anonymous Gut says:

    Jesus that’s well bad! Feel sorry for teen! Stupid school

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