Camping memories with Halfords! 

Having 4 children aged 15 downwards we have experienced many holidays! Before the two youngest came along and the teenagers were young (and before the no holidays in term time nonsense) we had a small caravan and a tent and we went on lots and lots of holidays and trips. We have some of our best memories in that time. Yes the children missed a lot of school but we didn’t go on holiday to just play on a beach, we explored. 

We visited beaches, museums, woodlands, art galleries, towns, everywhere! 

These past few years we have stayed in static caravans, hotels and cottages but sometimes I do miss having my tent and caravan because you could go wherever your hearts desired and it always felt very exciting

Snuggling up in a caravan or tent together, playing board games, card games and eating sweets. 

It definitely gave us all a special bond and when you pitched up your caravan/tent it always felt like a little community. On hot days all the children would be out and they just played for hours together 

halfords have been in touch with me telling me about their The Ultimate Uk Camping Guide. They sent me a copy

Tom has been loving reading it because he would love us to go camping again. I’ve been reading it and reminiscing and I think I would like to go again too 🙂 

The book is jam packed ful of places to visit, tips, do’s and dont’s , recipes, festival guides, tips for camping abroad and much more! If you would like a a copy of the guide, you can find it Here

And if you feel inspired halfords have all the info on tents Here

*this is a sponsored post. I was paid to write this article but all words are my own. 

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  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Looks like you all had fun!

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