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Pasta Bacon Dish

This is a very quick, yummy recipe that I invented one day. It’s been one of our favourites for years now. As a busy mum I know that when you can’t be bothered to cook, a quick meal is usually … Continue reading

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Packed Lunch ideas for teens

My kids have always been good with packed lunches. It used to just be Sandwich 2 snacks (all healthy) Yogurt Fruit Drink In different varieties. Now however, they are fussy little sod’s! They’re often coming back with their lunches, going … Continue reading

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Healthy Treat for Teething Toddlers

Harry has been having a lot of trouble with his teeth lately. I don’t like to keep giving him medicine’s and he doesn’t like using teething toys so I thought I would come up with a treat that’s healthier than … Continue reading

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Pizza puff rolls and flapjack

Today I have been baking and I thought I would share it with you 🙂 Firstly I made flapjacks.   I pinched this recipe from Pinterest, Iv’e made these a few times and it has always turned out lovely and … Continue reading

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