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Chi Kitchen Review

I was recently asked to try Chi Kitchen located in the Debenhams in the Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham. I accepted and thought I’d make a nice day of it with my step mum, Dawn with shopping and sight-seeing because it’s … Continue reading

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Heavenly Coconut Squishies Review! 

So as you may know. Jack is now 6 months so we have started weaning him. We’re going with a mix of baby led weaning and purée fed. It worked with Harry so we’re going with it again. If Jack … Continue reading

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Our Weaning Journey

So now Jack is 6 months we have started to wean him. It’s been slow going so far because he doesn’t seem to be really ready. He is ready and is enjoying different foods but he’s not at the point … Continue reading

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A bad experience with Brewers Fayre!

So today Brewers Fayre nearly made me cry. We all decided to treat ourselves to a meal out and we chose Brewers Fayre as we’ve always enjoyed it there, but not today. We all sat down and ordered drinks and … Continue reading

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Meatcure review

I was recently invited along to visit Meatcure in Leicester. They already have one place in Market Harborough and this is their second one. The invite was for me +1 and because the OH was working, I invited my step … Continue reading

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Baking with Toddlers

I was recently asked if I would like to write a guest post for Cake Catera and because I love baking (even though I don’t get to do it often enough) I instantly said yes 🙂 As I have said … Continue reading

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Pasta Bacon Dish

This is a very quick, yummy recipe that I invented one day. It’s been one of our favourites for years now. As a busy mum I know that when you can’t be bothered to cook, a quick meal is usually … Continue reading

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Packed Lunch ideas for teens

My kids have always been good with packed lunches. It used to just be Sandwich 2 snacks (all healthy) Yogurt Fruit Drink In different varieties. Now however, they are fussy little sod’s! They’re often coming back with their lunches, going … Continue reading

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Healthy Treat for Teething Toddlers

Harry has been having a lot of trouble with his teeth lately. I don’t like to keep giving him medicine’s and he doesn’t like using teething toys so I thought I would come up with a treat that’s healthier than … Continue reading

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Pizza puff rolls and flapjack

Today I have been baking and I thought I would share it with you 🙂 Firstly I made flapjacks.   I pinched this recipe from Pinterest, Iv’e made these a few times and it has always turned out lovely and … Continue reading

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