Center Parcs July Challenge


I was looking through the Tots 100 website and came across the Center Parcs July Challenge: A child’s nature checklist and thought it looked really good. I would love to be a Center Parcs family blogger and my son Jordan loves nature so I thought perfect! And because my children broke up from school last week, it was a double bonus because it gave us something to do 🙂

We decided to start in the garden and see where it took us.


We got our pen and paper ready and got to work searching. We didn’t have to search far. We soon saw a butterfly and a caterpillar! So Jordan started to write his checklist 


He really got into it and was even starting to say “Can you hear that?” 

We have some big tree’s that are in next doors garden but really close to our fence and we could hear lots of different birds but couldn’t actually see them so we got the tablet out and searched for bird sounds while we ate lunch.

After we had discovered all we could in our garden we crossed the road to one of our neighbours and asked if we could explore her garden and she said we could 🙂

She has a lovely garden full to bursting with different flowers and she even has a pond so we spotted some tadpoles and water snails.


Jordan kept asking me “what’s that?” and it just reminded me of how little I knew! Jordan knew far more than I did! 

It was so fun that even Harry got involved


I think we did really well. We saw lots of different flowers, birds and insects 🙂 




Why don’t you have a go and see what you can find! It’s really fun and educational and if that’s not enough to tempt you, you can also become a Center Parcs family blogger 🙂



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