Challenge Set- Results!

So at the beginning of February I set myself a challenge to cut out fizzy drinks and crisps. You can see that post here 

So it is now the beginning of March and I have my results. I would be lying if I said I was really good and completely stuck to it, because I didn’t BUT I was a whole lot better that before. I was eating crisps and drinking fizzy drinks every day (and not just the one can and one packet either) but this month I didn’t buy any crisps with my weekly shops, I only had some when I treated myself at the shop (three times) and I drank pop when I had a KFC and McDonalds, because I just forgot. I also had a couple of cans.

So OK it’s not going to show you a true reading of cutting out them both all together, but if these are the results of drastically cutting back, imagine the results if I had cut them out!

(Note: I am wearing different outfits each week, but you can get the general idea)




I was kind of rubbish this week because I had a packet of crisps and 2 can’s of fizzy pop the second day 🙂 I did walk Harry to and from Nursery twice a week and I also walked into town with him.



This week I was pretty good. Walking lots again and I don’t think I had any crisps or pop. I think this week is the biggest change. I felt like I had lost some and I think you can see I had.




This was a bad week. It was half term so I didn’t do the nursery run. We had takeaways so I ate lots of rubbish including about 3 packs of crisps. I was good with fizzy pop though because I opted for water on our car journey to my sisters and at the restaurant. And I had juice at McDonald’s. I think it clearly shows in the photo how cutting out those nursery runs does.




This was a good week. I have been back to cutting out the crisps and fizzy pop, having none. And I was back to walking to Nursery and back. We also had a massive walk to town on Monday (choosing the long way). I was really poorly all week with flu so that helped the lack of eating but I still did all that walking. I don’t think I lost a huge amount this week, but you can see a change in my face.



So there you have it! I’m disappointed that I couldn’t completely stick to it but I am proud of myself for cutting them out drastically. And now I have seen with my eyes what a difference it can make, it has definitely made me more aware,  And that it’s really easily achievable to lose weight and get healthy with just a few small changes. I really don’t have any excuse not to now.


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4 Responses to Challenge Set- Results!

  1. we3threeblog says:

    well done you! it is so good to think you can challenge yourself and succeed. dont worry about a few blips, that’s allowed! i used to drink fizzy drinks and it was doing me no good so i reduced and reduced them until i just stopped altogether. its been a couple of months now and i’m not looking back!

  2. sarahmo3w says:

    Yay! Go you! Don’t be disappointed that you slipped up a small number of times as it’s obviously made a big difference anyway and sometimes it’s better not to cut them out completely as you could end up craving and eating more.

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