When Chicken Pox came to visit

So my poor little Harry has got chicken pox. Its been years since the teens had them so I forget how awful it is.

It started on Monday with Just one Spot, then on Tuesday he got one more spot. By this time I wasn’t sure if it was chicken pox or just random spots. Tuesday afternoon he got a few more which confirmed it definitely was chicken pox.

On Wednesday he had lots more but didn’t seem hugely bothered by them, just maybe a bit more clingy. By the afternoon he had lots and he went downhill. He had loads in his hair and mouth and his back was super sore.

In the day we’ve managed to soothe them but last night was awful. Poor Harry came into bed with me and he was so fidgety and unsettled all night. He kept sitting up, laying down, cuddling me, putting his legs on me, shouting out, its was so awful to watch.

I managed to gently play with his hair or very gently tap his skin and that soothed him enough to fall asleep for a short time.

It’s now Thursday and he is so sad 🙁 He is covered now and they’re not only itchy but hurt and of course he is super tired. I’m trying to keep fluids down him but he even struggled with an ice lolly earlier and couldn’t finish it.

I’ll admit I’m struggling this week. I’m not 100% myself because I have an ear infection. I’ve had both boys most of the day on my own and they’re both being super clingy. Then after them being asleep in their beds a couple of hours they’re both up again and I’m on my own with them all night again (Tom works nights). I’m not getting any time to myself to unwind and then I’m getting a unsettled night and back to having them in the day again.

I really really hope it passes soon and I really hope Jack doesn’t get it 🙁

Do you have any tips or advice? Especially at night because that’s when we’re struggling.

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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4 Responses to When Chicken Pox came to visit

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Sending love and hugs! The poor little guy sounds like he is having a really bad time of it…..It sounds like you are doing everything you can so I don’t really have any advice. Just hang on in there. I hope it is all over soon x

  2. Aw poor Harry, what a miserable time for you all. I don’t have any advice but I remember Katie got them the day after her first birthday. She was utterly miserable and really suffered with them. Hugs x

  3. rachelswirl says:

    Oh god bless, our little lady had chicken pox not long ago and our son had it back when he was 18 months old. It was a nightmare, my top tips are:
    – calpol (keep up the doses and keep their temperature at bay)
    – nurofen (you can alter the doses between calpol)
    – calomine lotion (reapply as often as you can)
    – calomine aqueous cream (less drying than calomine lotion)
    – lots and lots of fluids
    – dont pick or scratch scabs
    – a little fresh air if possible to blow away the chickenpox cobwebs
    – dvds on the sofa cuddled up
    – comfy lose fitted clothing

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