Chicken pox strikes again

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote that Harry had chicken pox? Well he’s have all gone now but sadly now Jack has them 😞

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he didn’t seem too bad, just a little spotty and maybe a bit more sleepy and clingy than usual. Sadly Wednesday night (last night) all changed and he was very very unsettled. Poor thing kept falling asleep then waking up scratching. He wanted cuddles but couldn’t get comfy. It was awful to see him so sad.

Today he is covered in spots and not happy at all.

He’s not eating anything and doesn’t want much drink either but we are managing to get some down him.

We’re really unsure of how to ease them because with Harry he just had lots of baths with oats but Jack hates baths and acts as if you’re putting him in acid.

Any tips?


So it seems that was only a mild case and it got a lot worse! Poor thing is completely covered from head to toe, has been so sad that it is heartbreaking and has not slept through the night for over a week 🙁 

We’re now on the following Monday and he’s still unsettled but he has eaten a few bits and pieces and seems more himself daily. Fingers crossed he will be back to normal by Wednesday 🙂 

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5 Responses to Chicken pox strikes again

  1. Alan Herbert says:

    We have been using an anti histamine and Aveeno cream to soothe the itch.

  2. Oh the poor thing. I hope he starts to become himself and the chicken pox don’t last to long! x

    Jasmine x

  3. RachelSwirl says:

    Oh no!!! CHICKEN POX SUCKS, we suffered with it over Christmas (well our daughter did) and I would recommend lots of calomine lotion and calpol x

  4. Ojo henley says:

    Poor little thing has really suffered, hasn’t he. They both got knocked for six, bless them x

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