Christmas and pregnancy

This Christmas I am going to be 36 weeks pregnant.  I have been this pregnant at Christmas before when I had my daughter but she was my first and Christmas dinner was at my mum’s. This year I have two teenagers and a 3 year old and we’re spending the day at home.

As I’m already having a difficult pregnancy, I do worry that the day will be rubbish and that in turn makes me feel guilty, like I’m being a rubbish mum. The kids already make me feel guilty sometimes because I can’t give them my all but it would be awful if I felt that on Christmas day.

I’m trying my hardest to find ways to ease the strain and make it a perfect day. A few things I have done is I have very almost bought and wrapped all Christmas presents already so it’s not a big hassle when all the mad rush starts in December and I also plan to book my Tesco delivery in the next week or two. I recently asked some bloggers to give me their tips for a stress free Christmas and I’m going to share them here with you 🙂

  1. Marks and Spencer bung in the oven food to ease the cooking woes, board games so you don’t have to move too much?xx Budding Smiles
  2. Try to prepare as much as you can as early as you can. Get someone else to cook of you can, if you can’t then choose easy options and do an online shop for all of the essentials Red Rose Mummy
  3. Make sure everyone is ok with you disappearing off to rest if you need to, and don’t be afraid to bring the day to an end early of you need to. Christmas Day is exhausting when not pregnant so when you are it’s even worse. Bella was a Feb baby and I went up for a bath at around 5pm- when I came down the house was tidy and guests were leaving. Ghostwritermummy
  4. Last year I was 4 days off my csection date on Christmas Day and had 14 people over on Christmas Day. I just cheated on things like the roast potatoes and some of the veg and brought it from m and s it was a god send xxx Mummy’s Zone
  5. I’ve catered for 20+ 2 years running & I find it so much easier to prep all the veg the day before (Daz does most of it) and buy in the pud. I get the dinner table ready the day before too. It’s only the 5 of us this year & im more worried about that! Good luck X Mum in a Nutshell
  6. Prepare as much as possible in advance and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Get ready some things ready made to make life easier. Get your OH involved, let him know how you feel and ask him to be in charge. Get your teenagers to help out too with preparations, cooking and cleaning or let them help look after the 3-year old so that you can rest a bit too. Don’t get stressed about things – the most important thing is spending time with your family, being happy and enjoying yourselves. smile xx A Mum Reviews
  7. I asked everyone to take on a specific task when I was heavily pregnant over Christmas – my sister did potatoes, OH did vegetables, Mum did turkey, grandma did christmas pudding and we bought in a special dessert from Sainsburys too. I was only responsible for doing the ordering to make sure we had all the food for them to prepare! I also had back up ‘quick’ veg and roast potatoes in the freezer, just in case. And I asked for an afternoon nap as my Christmas present! Mummy Is A Gadget Geek
  8. I was pregnant with Jedi Boy over Christmas and although not heavily I got family to help out so everyone had a task each and disappeared for a nap later afternoon while everyone watched a film together. It worked really well. Also say where is most comfy for you on the sofa so they accommodate. Don’t worry about using frozen veg, potatoes and Yorkshire either! The Mumington Post
  9. I was heavily pregnant over Christmas with E, 38weeks. We ordered all the food as early as possible to be delivered a couple of days early (so no panic if things were missing). Added a note to say I was pregnant and if no one answered could they call my Dad for delivery. Christmas day we planned a quiet one, we did the family thing on Xmas Eve, then Christmas Day was a lovely quiet day. All the food was pre-prepared – bit more pricey but meant no stress. We had a joint rather than a whole bird. It was magical! x Dancing in my Wellies 


Some fab tips given here and I intend to follow as much as I can. If you’re going to be pregnant at Christmas too, I hope these tips help and you have a fantastic Christmas 🙂

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