Christmas ready with Boots Mini Club

I love Christmas! So much makes me get excited. One thing I love is getting us all some festive clothes. I usually buy us all a party outfit and a festive jumper (or 2) each. Recently Boots Mini Club and asked if we’d like something from their Festive and All Dressed Up range. Well we’ve got lots of clothes from Them because they have great styles and are excellent quality so of course I said yes! They only go up to age 6 so we couldn’t get Harry anything but we did get a party outfit and a Christmas sweater for Jack. I know I’m biased but boy he looks cute!

From the festive range we chose this Santa jumper (£12)

It is super soft and the colours are perfect!

And from the all dressed up range we got some trousers (£12) and a shirt and bow tie (£10)

He looks absolutely adorable in this outfit (even though he did not want a photo shoot and was a real diva that had to be bribed with donuts) I think this might be his Christmas Day outfit and his birthday outfit in January.

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Bless him! What an adorable outfit. He looks so smart x

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