Cleaning up this Easter with Marigold and Giveaway!

So Easter is fast approaching and that means lots of chocolate. It also means lots of crafts, which means mess!

Last week we had to make an Easter bonnet for school and this week we’re making Easter cards for family and baking lots of tasty treats. I’m thinking chocolate croissants and nest cakes.

With all this mess I need some good products to get my house clean because not only do I like a clean house, I especially do when spring cleaning comes around. And it is in full swing now. I don’t purposely think it’s spring, I need to clean. I just get the urge at this time of year. I like to clean all the windows, under the sofas, and everywhere that may not always get a regular clean.

Marigold recently got in touch asking if I’d like to use their products to clean up this Easter. I thought that meant some rubber gloves as they’re known for but was surprised to see that Marigold now have a great range of products.

They even give a few tips and tricks which I think are great ideas.

I have a great giveaway to win a selection of their products. Just enter the Rafflecopter below


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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189 Responses to Cleaning up this Easter with Marigold and Giveaway!

  1. Tracey Peach says:

    Cleaning the sink plug hole YUCK!

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    Cleaning plug holes, especially the shower – ugh stringy hairs!

  3. Hali kinson says:


  4. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Cleaning the oven

  5. Isabel O says:

    I absolutely loathe the washing up, I just hate getting my hands in the gross food water lol.

  6. clair downham says:

    cleaning the oven

  7. laura banks says:

    cleaning the oven

  8. Sam Rhodes says:

    its impossible to decide between ironing, or filling up the dishwasher!

  9. Katie Skeoch says:

    The oven & the windows are tied!

  10. Kim Neville says:

    Cleaning the oven

  11. Andrea Upton says:

    Cleaning the bathroom

  12. Mary N says:

    Sorting and folding washing especially socks.

  13. Fiona says:

    I hate cleaning the bathroom!

  14. kim jackson says:

    cleaning the toilets . dirty job :/

  15. Heather Bowie says:

    I hate cleaning the bathroom

  16. Pamela Gossage says:

    Cleaning the Oven

  17. Mel Turner says:

    Cleaning the oven

  18. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    Ironing – I hate having to stand still in one place, I find it so boring!

  19. Denise Owen says:

    My worst household chore is vacuuming, I have chronic migraines so it makes me throw up… the twist is I just bought an amazing vacuum I really want to use haha!

  20. Denise Owen says:

    My worst household chore is vacuuming, I have chronic migraines so it makes me throw up… the twist is I just bought an amazing vacuum I really want to use haha!

  21. debbie melville says:

    cleaning the oveb

  22. Claire Nutman says:

    For me its the cooker and oven, so sticky and stubborn, many thanks x

  23. Elizabeth Harbron says:

    I always put off ironing until we’ve got nothing to wear!

  24. rebecca h says:

    i absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom! I’m the only one who does it and everytime it’s a chore!!

  25. Kate Mitchell says:

    Windows… although it makes a good arm work out!

  26. stuart hargreaves says:


  27. Sarah Mackay says:

    Hoovering the stairs

  28. Hannah says:

    Eughhhh – washing up… I loathe it so much, have GOT to invest in a dishwasher this year!

  29. Alica says:

    I hate cleaning the windows!!

  30. Zoe C says:

    Cleaning the oven

  31. Donna Hall says:

    my plug hole is a nightmare partner uses stuff for his teeth and it sticks like glue

  32. amy bondoc says:

    i really hate cleaning the fridge, i do it every week but it drives me nuts!

  33. Emily Knight says:

    Definitely cleaning the oven – I’d love a self-cleaning one! 😀

  34. Tracey Ryder says:

    cleaning the shower cubicle and the plug hole

  35. Helen W says:

    Cleaning the bathroom.

  36. Chloe Davies says:

    Cleaning the oven 🙁

  37. abigail edkins says:

    cleaning the deep fat fryer

  38. Clare H says:

    cleaning the oven

  39. Kate Loader says:

    Cleaning the oven

  40. Lea Mavin says:

    Ironing, hate it with a passion as it’s a chore that’s never completed with four boys who change clothes two or three times daily depending on what sporting activities they have on.

  41. Lynne Durkin says:

    The oven, always tell myself I’ll keep it clean after I’ve scrubbed it but I never do.

  42. simon tutthill says:

    it has to be the oven.

  43. Allan Smith says:

    cleaning the oven!

  44. melanie stirling says:

    Cleaning toilets,I have a thing about toilets,I can’t even look at them on tv and I never use public toilets.

  45. terri kelly says:

    Cleaning windows

  46. Fozia Akhtar says:

    I hate cleaning the bathroom

  47. Jo Carroll says:

    Cleaning in and around the toilet…chasing those spiders that seemed determined to set up home around the back 😉

  48. leanne weir says:

    Cleaning the oven

  49. Sidrah Ahmed says:

    Cleaning the kitchen

  50. Yvonne says:

    Cleaning the oven!

  51. emma walters says:

    cleaning windows, always end up streaky!

  52. Carole E says:

    Cleaning the toilet

  53. Sarah Rees says:

    Cleaning the oven 🙁

  54. Becky Duffy says:

    I really dislike ironing and cleaning the oven is horrid too

  55. Sam Swain says:

    Cleaning the shower

  56. Ali Thorpe says:

    I don’t like cleaning the oven.

  57. cheryl hadfield says:

    cleaning the bathroom

  58. Inga Andersen says:

    Cleaning the oven, it takes all flippin day!! I hate it 🙁

  59. Caroline H says:

    Cleaning the oven -grim!

  60. Harline Parkin says:

    The oven in hate it

  61. RebeccaC says:

    Cleaning the toilet. Yuck!

  62. Jennifer Haden says:

    really can’t stand cleaning the oven, such a pain!

  63. Kay Sherman says:

    I hate cleaning the oven

  64. Tony Metcalfe says:

    Cleaning toilets!

  65. Donna S says:

    cleaning the kitchen cabinet doors

  66. Eleanor Beavan says:

    Cleaning the washing machine filter, it makes me want to throw up !

  67. Lorraine Langham says:

    Cleaning the toilet!!! Yuk…

  68. Susan Hoggett says:

    cleaning the oven!

  69. Jade Adams says:

    Washing up!

  70. tamsin says:


  71. Solange says:

    Cleaning the oven.

  72. Annamarie V says:

    I am really bad about dusting, not sure why I just don’t like doing it.

  73. Paul Halling says:

    Toilet – yuk!!!!

  74. dawn f says:

    cleaning the oven, I always put it off until its a million times worse to do as well

  75. yvonne cooke says:

    i hate to clean the bathroom.x loving your blog.x

  76. Jennifer hull says:

    Washing floors

  77. Jo Hutchings says:

    It’s a close call between cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the oven.

  78. Lindsey Stuart says:

    Washing my windows! argh I can’t stand it but they need done once a fortnight so I push myself to do them ha ha, I do love looking at how clean they are though but I am very tempted to give up chocolate and use the money to pay a window cleaner 😉

  79. Jemma Dwyer says:

    doing the kitchen floors x

  80. Susan Smith says:

    Cleaning my oven, absolutely hate it

  81. LondonREC says:

    Cleaning the toilet!

  82. Catherine says:

    Cleaning the toilet

  83. Chelsey Hollings says:

    Cleaning the oven

  84. Amy Dickson says:

    My worst chore is definitely doing the ironing. I find it sooooo boring/tiring and always get too hot whilst doing it. I’m forever putting it off then running around like a dafty in the morning trying to iron that days outfits

  85. Suzanne Jackson says:

    cleaning the loo

  86. Tracy Newton says:

    I absolutely detest cleaning the oven, I find it frustrating because it never comes up spotlessly clean.

  87. Julie Scattergood says:

    Wait, I can only pick one? Lol. It would have to be cleaning the oven.

  88. Latanya says:

    cleaning the toilet

  89. cleaning the cooker hood filter!

  90. Cheryl B says:

    I really dislike cleaning the bathroom.

  91. Rebecca Smith says:

    ironing there’s always so much of it

  92. Juli Savage says:

    Cleaning the oven

  93. Katie says:

    Cleaning the toilet

  94. Emma Nixon says:

    Cleaning the oven.

  95. terri jenner says:

    cleaning the oven

  96. Rich Tyler says:

    Has to be toliet, followed by oven!

  97. Helen Tovell says:

    It has to be cleaning the toilet for me

  98. Gemma Cook says:

    With 4 kids I can’t stand doing washing / ironing. Feels like it’s never ending.

  99. Mark Bradbury says:


  100. Diane Carey says:

    Cleaning the oven. I am ashamed to say that I don’t do it very often

  101. Helen Metcalfe says:

    Its a tie between the oven and the shower plug hole!!

  102. Kelly Hirst says:

    I hate cleaning the oven, it’s such a chore!

  103. Cherry Edwards says:

    Cleaning the hair out of the bath plug hole eeeew

  104. Gillian Holmes says:

    Removing limescale

  105. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Washing up – it never seems to end

  106. Andrea A says:

    Cleaning the oven.

  107. Katie W says:

    all of them luckily I have a hubby who loves cleaning

  108. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    The oven

  109. sarah knightley says:

    cleaning the oven 🙁

  110. Adele Hill says:

    Cleaning the oven

  111. Sarah Ann says:

    Definitely the ironing!

  112. Louise Farmer says:

    It’s got to be cleaning the toilet!

  113. Jill Fairbanks says:

    Definitely the ironing in our house it’s the longest chore

  114. Chris Hunt says:

    The oven and the cooker hood.

  115. Iris W says:

    Cleaning the oven closely followed by cleaning the windows

  116. Jeremy Hards says:

    Cleaning the cats litter tray

  117. Christina Curtis says:

    I hate washing up! It seems never ending!

  118. zoe brown says:

    cleaning the shower hate it

  119. Jade Hewlett says:

    Cleaning the oven

  120. Jamie C Millard says:

    cleaning the oven, probably why it gets neglected so much.

  121. debbie pettit says:

    The bathroom for sure, such a thankless task

  122. Karen R says:

    I hate cleaning the oven!

  123. Keshia Esgate says:


  124. Sarah S says:

    Urgh, cleaning the toilet (I have three boys)

  125. Kristy Brown says:

    The toilet after little boy dribbles!

  126. Julie Edwards says:

    Ironing xx

  127. Dale Dow says:

    cleaning the oven, ugh!

  128. ELZBIETA ZNYK says:

    Cleaning the oven and ironing.

  129. Jayne Kelsall says:

    Cleaning my oven, I hate doing it ! .x

  130. Andrew Hindley says:

    Cleaning the oven

  131. sharon martin says:

    has to be ironing

  132. Victoria N says:

    I hate doing the washing up!

  133. Karrie says:

    Cleaning the bathroom

  134. Maria Jane Knight says:

    washing the dishes since we lost our dishwasher (rip dishwasher!!) it’s not doing my skin any favours…my hands are dry as a bone!

  135. Faye Reed says:

    Hoovering… So much effort for something that gets undone within a day.

  136. Lorraine Stone says:

    Hoovering, especially with a hoover that doesn’t want to suck anything up!

  137. Katy Malkin says:

    Hate ironing! Always fold everything fresh out of the tumble dryer

  138. Deborah Bird says:

    Washing up!

  139. Caroline Blaza says:

    I hate cleaning the oven x

  140. paula cheadle says:

    cleaning the oven

  141. paula cheadle says:

    cleaning the oven

  142. Dusting, I live on the main road and dust fills the house.

  143. claire little says:

    pairing socks

  144. Ian Murray says:

    Its gotta be the ironing. Arrrggghhhh.

  145. Carly Belsey says:

    I actually hate cleaning the bin and the little food bin. Yuck. I also hate cleaning, sweeping, dusting and ironing, oh and hoovering lol

  146. Tracy Drury says:

    cleaning the oven

  147. Carmen Clement says:

    I hate laundry lol

  148. emma davison says:

    cleaning the oven

  149. Karen Barrett says:

    Cleaning the oven

  150. Sue Wickins says:

    I hate cleaning the oven

  151. lucinda duxbury says:

    cleaning the oven

  152. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Cleaning the bathroom, it just takes forever!

  153. Diana Ross says:

    Cleaning out the cat litter 🙁

  154. Esme mccrubb says:

    Ironing 🙁

  155. Cleaning the oven is by far the worst with the toilet a close second.

  156. Sheila Reeves says:

    Cleaning the bathroom – so many fiddly bits round the taps!

  157. Janet Dring says:

    Cleaning the bathroom

  158. Anthony Curtis says:

    cleaning the bath and shower after everyone has used it
    messy !

  159. Stuart Dunlop says:

    Wife and I both dislike cleaning ovens!

  160. Karen Harrison says:


  161. Ashley Whitbread says:

    Has to be cleaning the oven x

  162. Natalie Crossan says:

    cleaning the oven. ‘orrible job!

  163. samantha buntain says:

    My worse household chore is cleaning the floors! With having a little one its hard work!

  164. Hayley Todd says:

    My absolute worst household chore is cleaning the bathroom! I really hate it, with an 18 year old who covers the bathroom in body scrub and fake tan, to younger children who just leave total disaster behind them!

  165. Jade Pawley says:

    I can’t stand cleaning the plug holes! It makes me heave every time!

  166. Jessica Hutton says:

    I hate washing up. The water goes horrible and I hate putting my hands in it xx

  167. EMA J LOWE says:

    cleaning the bath its a big corner bath with doors, its hard to reach some places without actually getting in it.

  168. liz ferguson says:

    window cleaning – no matter which product i use (even tried buffing with newspaper), i still have glaring streaks – especially when the sun shines xx

  169. michelle thompson says:

    cleaning the oven

  170. Kelly Simpson says:

    Cleaning the hardwood floors, no matter how much i clean then it doesn’t stay clean for long!

  171. Sarah Fielding says:

    Definitely cleaning the oven!

  172. carrie wilford says:

    clean the bathroom

  173. Rebecca Alderson says:

    I hate cleaning the bathroom!

  174. Linda Griffiths says:

    I hate washing up, if it doesn’t go in the dishwasher I don’t use it

  175. Kyomi Johnson says:

    Cleaning the toilet

  176. Lia Burns says:

    It would have to be cleaning the toilet!

  177. Kayleigh Robinson says:

    Cleaning the oven! The absolute worst

  178. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Hanging sheets out. I can cope with everything else but hate hanging them out.

  179. claire fawkner says:

    CLeaning the oven!

  180. Fiona jk42 says:

    My least favourite task is cleaning the toilet, especially our downstairs loo which gets used by all my son’s mates – it seems to need cleaning nearly every day.

  181. Jayne Townson says:

    That would have to be cleaning the oven as it can be so messy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  182. Rajee Pandi says:

    Cleaning the oven

  183. Scott Fallon says:

    Cleaning the oven

  184. karen Howden says:

    Cleaning the Kitchen Floor is my worst chore

  185. ellie spider says:

    hoovering and cleaning the floors with 4 cats and a dog plus kids running around it takes forever

  186. Robyn Clarke says:

    I hate vacuuming, I always get tangled up in the cord.

  187. Tammy Neal says:

    Cleaning the oven argh xx

  188. Alisa Moore says:

    cleaning the oven

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