Confessions of a mummy


I don’t pretend to be a perfect mother (no one is) but there are those things that you have done as a parent that you are not so eager to share with everyone because they’re not on that ‘I am perfect and my children can do everything’ board. But because my children are all still alive and healthy, what I have done has clearly not affected them, Iv’e decided to share them with you 🙂

Before you read I just need to add that my children are 13, 11 and 18 months so these things are stretched out over 13 years. And if you are a new parent or only have the one some of these things may shock you, but I assure you unless you are on that board (if you are then your an idiot) you will do at least one of these things.


1) Forgotten to change their nappy for a good few hours and when you’ve done it, it was massive and hanging off
(Not poo, I couldn’t get away with that for hours)

2) have told your children that when the ice cream man’s music is on, it mean’s he’s ran out of ice cream

3) Kept feeding your child food (even sweets) in their highchair because they are quiet while in there and they are not creating havoc

4) Let them eat crap all day and dinner has consisted of a tin of something and bread because you couldn’t be bothered

5) Thrown their drawings and creations from school in the bin

6) Sworn at them in anger. I.e “Iv’e bloody* had enough!”         *may have been a stronger word

7) Not got dressed all day*          *a few days

8) Told your child that dustbin men take their dummies to babies that don’t have any (it worked)

9) Have said that the cake (or chocolate) your eating is actually really disgusting but you’ve got to eat it (for some reason you make up on the spot)

10) Pretended to not hear your child in the morning and gone back to sleep

11) Let your child watch TV for hours because you were too tired to do any activities with them

12) Bought some cakes from the shop for the kids school and pretended you made them from scratch (You’ve just bashed them about a bit to look genuine)

13) Forgot that your child has to take some food or drink in to school (for a raffle or harvest) so just gave them some crap you’ve had in your pantry for ages

14) Forgot to pick them up from school so they have had to sit in the office waiting for you while you blamed it on some ’emergency’ or traffic

15) Instead of buying them some new school shoes you just super glued the old ones (badly)


Do you have anything to confess?



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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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