Daughters first detention

Last week I was very disappointed in my daughter. She received her first detention at school.

On Thursday morning she went to school as normal. 30 minutes later I received a call from her at school saying she had forgotten her P.E kit and could I bring it into school. I needed to go out so I was happy to. I searched but couldn’t find the kit anywhere (In the pig sty she calls a room) so I walked to the school and informed them that I was unable to find it.

Later on in the afternoon I received another phone call, this time from the P.E teacher saying Courtney had a note saying she had hurt her foot and was unable to do P.E today. I said that note was not from me. (I’m not lying for her). I thought what a naughty sod and that was it.

But no… I got another call from the P.E teacher again saying Courtney had said “My mum told me to write the note!” What????? The little shitbag. I even spoke to her on the phone and she said to me “You told me to write it when we were in the kitchen mum” I could not believe she was continuing to lie!

So she received a 30 minute detention after school and we have grounded her for a few days. When she got home and we discussed it with her she still tried to go along with the lie, but then she eventually apologised.

First Tom and I were very angry with her but then we saw the funny side. Because why would I have told her to write a note saying she couldn’t do P.E and then go into school saying I can’t find her kit? Thankfully her teachers saw this mistake too and they are happy that this is not the normal well behaved, never in trouble, hard working student. God girls are a pain in the butt!



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