A day with my daughter and Mcfly


On the 23rd September myself and teen daughter made our way to Birmingham to finally see Mcfly in concert. Our original date was 22nd June but it had been postponed due to an injury. We were gutted at the time but the date finally came around.

The doors opened at 6pm but we thought it best to go early because we figured there would be a big que. We arrived in Birmingham at 12pm so decided to have a good lunch because we wouldn’t be able to have much food later on so we decided to try Five Guys for the first time.


It was really yummy but VERY expensive! It’s definitely a place for a treat.

We did a little window before walking to the venue. We soon regretted the window shopping when we got there at 3pm (3 hours before doors opened) and there was already a good sized que


It doesn’t look very long but behind the people standing it wasn’t just a small que, it was one of those lines that gathered around the entrance (I can’t explain it very well but I hope you know what I mean) Anyway there wasn’t just the que we were in, there was also a massive que that were early entry (I had no idea you could book these or I would have done that) And then when they went in they made a second long que for o2 priority so by the time we got in there was no chance we were getting near the front!

We got in and were roughly in the centre of the room so fairly good. I managed to see quite a lot of the band but poor teen only being 4″9 didn’t see a huge amount but regardless we still had the most amazing night!


McFly are amazing live and sound exactly like they do on radio. We got half way through the night and things got really cramped but we switched places and we had more room again strangely.


It was such a long day (on our feet) and by the end of the night we were so exhausted, I couldn’t wait to get in my bed! I hurt like mad the next day too (talk about making me feel old) but I will definitely do it again. We’re already looking at the next concert we’d like to see 🙂

I have you been to any concerts? Or would you like to?


*This is not a sponsored post. I bought our tickets but am just documenting it on my blog.

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