Do you fear ‘collection only’?

Do you fear ‘collection only’? A lot of us have been guilty of browsing through eBay, coming across something we love, but when we look down to see delivery method, we sigh at the site of ‘collection only’ next to the seller’s location being out of reach to pop over on a Sunday afternoon. You might even be someone that ignores ‘collection only’ listings entirely, or even filters them out of search results.

If this sounds like you, you could missing out on some great bargains!

Shiply is a website where you make a listing for an item you need moving, and transport companies send you quotes. It saves you money because the transport companies are already going in that direction – they are already booked for a delivery, and the quote you receive is basically a quote for the spare space in the vehicle. This makes deliveries much cheaper and more friendly on the environment than sending only the one item (Essentially carpooling for deliveries).

It’s also an eBay-compatible application, which means you can put in a link to the eBay listing and it’ll fill in all the product and sizing details for you to save you time.

Still not sure? Have a look at some recent listings on Shiply to get an idea of how much your item is likely to go for before making the purchase.

Once you’ve made the purchase, get in touch with the seller to agree on a suitable pick up date, and make your listing on Shiply. Tip: the longer you leave it, the more likely the prices are to decrease. Once you’ve found a quote you like, accept it on Shiply and off you go.

Shiply transport providers are vetted before they are allowed on the site, and belong to a transport company anyway, so you’re only getting quotes from professionals. There are even specialist companies that move pianos, cars, boats etc so you really can get anything delivered!
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