My dream holiday destinations! 

I love to travel. It’s why we’ve been to so many places in the UK. We like to visit somewhere different every holiday. Of But course we sometimes visit the same place a couple of times if we really love it, but mostly we look for a new adventure. Now we have visited most of the UK I am starting to want to venture to new places abroad. I went abroad once when I was 14 and my daughter went to France with the school, the other 4 have never been abroad.  I’ve always wanted to but it’s been more so lately. The only reason we haven’t been abroad yet is because none of us have passports (6 passports in one go can be very costly) but I hope to change that soon and start exploring! I am saving up and I am determined it will happen!

Whilst I am saving I’ve been looking at places we would like to visit and I stumbled across Clickstay they have 37,000 holiday homes (but increases regularly) in 71 countries so plenty to choose from.

I’ve been having a good look and thought I would tell you all my Top 5 destinations that I’d like to visit. Because if I write it down and tell the world, I’ll have to make it happen!
My Top 5 are

  • Orlando (for obvious reasons i.e Disneyland and universal studios. It’s been on my list for a very long time)
  • Madeira (Hot weather, long beautiful beaches, quiet and relaxing)
  • Crete (This is the only holiday abroad I have had and I was 14. I’d love to go as an adult with my own children. I loved the culture)
  • New York (sightseeing, shopping and broadway. I’d love to go with my sister)
  • Barbados (again it looks beautiful and it definitely sounds like a relaxing place to stay)

When looking for a holiday there are certain things I look for.

  • Family friendly. I have 4 children so that is definitely top on my list.
  • To have lots of culture. We all love a beach but I like to get lots more from a holiday.
  • Lots of places to explore and discover. I love nothing more than to get out and about walking or climbing. It also makes you not feel so guilty for all the holiday food that you consume 🙂
  • Relaxing. Yes I do like to get out and about but we all need to have some time to relax. It’s mostly what families go on holiday for.
  • If booking a villa there are a few points that I would like. Good restaurants close by (who wants to cook on holiday?) WiFi (I think the teenagers would hate me if I didn’t have this. Also I love to share my holiday snaps daily) and a pool (it would be lovely to have a at least one day in our own pool relaxing) Clickstay have lots of villas that fit these points perfectly!

They are my favourite destinations but I think I might have to start with closer destinations for us to get used to the travelling (and to get over the fear of flying) and make my way further a field.

Do you have a favourite place you have visited? Or do you haves dream destination?

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