Easy Updos for mums with short/medium hair

Lets face it when you have kids you barely have anytime to wash your hair let alone blow dry and style it so more often that not it gets shoved back in a ponytail. Up until recently I had really long hair which obviously is some aspects was a pain but to be honest it was pretty easy to style as I had so many options. Sadly I didn’t realise that until recently when I had my hair cut short.

I went from this

To this

So quite a massive change. One thing I soon realised was just popping my hair in a ponytail was just as easy but it didn’t look as good as it did when I had longer hair. I decided I needed to look for some hair styles that were easy to do because I just don’t have hours to spare and also made me feel good.

  • French plaits. This is a bit of a cheat one because I have my teen daughter do them for me but if not French plaits, simple ones are just as effective. One in the middle or a double one
  • Half a top knot. So the top knot seems to be a favourite with many mums but with short hair its not the easiest. But half the hair down and half in a knot looks good too.
  • Fringe up. So there are many ways to pop the fringe back which gives a nice style. Pretty clips, a small plait, backcombing etc.
  • Double pigtail. So you put the top half of your hair in a ponytail and the bottom half in a ponytail, Depending how long your hair is, you can sometimes join the two.
  • Double top knot. The same as above but like Mickey Mouse.
  • Ponytail twist. Put your hair in a low ponytail, pull the hair loose and then twist the ponytail into itself (think 90’s teenager)

Do you have any good tips? Or should I let the kids continue to pull my hair out and look into how much a hair transplant cost? I did enjoy having long hair but it was quite high maintenance really so think I’m going to stick with the short hair style. I may just get rid of the fringe.

Do you have short hair? What’s your go to style?

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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