ElevEase Shower Step Review

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ElevEase is the latest revelution in leg elevation in the shower. At last! A hassle-free solution to leg and foot care. No more awkward bending, no more hassle. All of this is said by ElevEase and I have to say I agree with every word!

I wont lie to you, when I first got it I thought what a stupid idea and something that doesn’t need a solution to BUT having used it, I realise what an idiot I was 🙂

I have a bad back as it is and I didn’t really think bending over to shave my legs was that big a deal but now I have used the shower step I realise how much it strains on your back bending over and trying to balance. I honestly think it is a brilliant idea. Even my teen daughter has enjoyed using it and has said how easy it is to use.

Its easy to fit too. It comes with simple instructions and adhesive.

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You fit it in 3 simple steps

1) Apply the adhesive to the back of the elevease, making sure the shower surface is dry.

2) fix the elevease to the corner of the shower at the recommended knee height and hold for 3 minutes.

3) leave elevease bond for 24 hours.

Simple! It’s not just for shaving either….







Nail clipping

Nail varnish application

Medical cream application

It’s very very handy and doesn’t look unsightly either and it’s not too big and bulky

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I would most definitely recommend.


This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this item to review but all words and opinions are my own. 

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