Escape artist!

So we have come to that “I can get out of my cot, never having a nap again” stage *cries*

I thought I had at least another 6 months! I know Harry is my third child but I still have no idea what to do next?

The other two never escaped. They both just went into a bed when the time was right (I skipped toddler beds, I was a single mum and couldn’t afford them)

The OH would like to get him in a toddler bed (Harry is his first) but I don’t think one will fit in his room. He shares with his brother and has a slim cot to fit in. I think our best bet is bunk beds.

I don’t want to because I think two is too young for bunk beds but I think it’s our only option :-/


What are your thoughts/experiences?

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5 Responses to Escape artist!

  1. my thoughts? …. hahahaha my 2 yr old still loves her naps!!! she’s never once slept in her cot even though it was always ready for her so I never had the escape problem so can’t help there I’m afraid.
    I wanted to get my two bunkbeds when they were sharing a room but I think they’re too young but I think if Jordan (I hope that I’ve not just made up your child’s name!) is on the top then it shouldn’t be a problem as he’s old enough to not go rolling off unlike Harry xx

  2. Oh gosh, what a dilemma! I honestly don’t know what to suggest, I’ve not had this problem…YET! I’ll look forward to see what others can suggest for you. Good luck hun!
    Thanks for linking to #babybabble

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