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I have loved wearing make up since I was about 4, trying my mums make up on, making myself look like a clown with blue eyeshadow and red lipstick.

But I soon learnt that my face didn’t like make up, not for long periods anyway. I can’t put make up on and have it on until late at night or my eyes sting and itch. If I know I am going out in the evening, I stay make up free in the day. It’s not really great if you fancy being spontaneous!

I was recently contacted about Eye Care Cosmetics from ContactLenses. They’re especially made for people with sensitive eyes so perfect for me.

I was sent Long Lash Mascara in black

Ombré Duo Eye Shadow Duo

When I first used them I noticed how easy they both were to apply and how light they felt yet we’re still noticeable.

I first used them with my other make up so still had the same effect as usual. The second time I tried them on their own and I actually forgot I had make up on and kept it on all night! To me that proves they’re for sensitive eyes.

At the moment their is not a huge range to choose from but what they do have is lovely. I highly recommend them if you have sensitive eyes.


*I was sent these items for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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