Eyeshadows: 9 Tips & Tricks for a radiant look


Eyeshadows are an essential part of the makeup kit as it is a product that has the ability to accentuate eye colour, give depth and make the eyes more striking. To shop for different eyeshadows and other makeup essentials and to put the beneath tips into action simply visit kikocosmetics where Kiko voucher codes from Couporando.co.uk are accepted.

To acquire a simple and elegant radiant look simply follow these 9 Tips and Tricks to achieving the perfect eye shadow finish.


1. Eye shape

Knowing the eye shape is an essential part of any makeup application. By simply knowing the shape of the eye one can become familiar with different techniques of blending and shading that will enhance features. Eyes come in different shapes and sizes, examples of such are monolids, deepset, almond and hooded eyes.


A step that is often skipped, is priming. Priming the eyelids with a eyeshadow primer product can prolong the lifespan of the eyeshadow on the lids. Throughout the day, eyeshadows begin to crease in the eyelids. This can often look quite messy and unflattering but can easily be avoided with the use of a primer before application. Priming also intensifies the colour of the eyeshadow to the best of its ability.

3.Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the most useful tool in creating a beautifully blended natural and radiant look. Knowing the use for each brush can really benefit the user and make application a lot easier!

4.Nudes Don’t Have To Be Boring!

A lot of people seem to think you need color to achieve a striking makeup look. That is not necessarily true all the time. Nude eyeshadow colors can give an overall natural and radiant appearance. Play around with matte and shimmer shadows they can really add a little sparkle to every day look.


Blending eyeshadows with a blending brush is vital in preventing blocky harsh colors on the eyes. Bright or dark shadows can appear instantly softer and more gentle with a good blending technique.

6. Eye Colour

There are certain colors on the color wheel that enhance each other and the same goes for eye color. For example, purple, burgundy and pink shades compliment green eyes, as does shades of orange, brown, and gold for blue eyes. Finding the perfect colour to compliment the eye colour can be key in achieving a beautiful finish.

7. Size

Eyeshadows can be used to trick eyes into appearing smaller or larger. Dark shadows around the rim of the eyes will make the eyes look smaller, while putting a bright shadow in the inner corner of the eyes can make them appear wider and more open.

8. Types of Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows come in different forms. Whether it be pressed powder, loose powder, gel or pencil finding the right product for a certain skin type can help the colour to last on the eyes. e.g cream based products should be avoided by those with oilier lids.

9.Practice Makes Perfect

Not everyone is born a professional makeup artist, so plenty of practice will help anyone achieve a flawless finish.




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