Family Easter films for kids

As Easter is approaching I thought I would share with you the films we like to watch as a family around Easter. Some films are about Easter itself but I like to branch out and also remind them it is the start of spring too. Some are not really either but just make me feel they go with the season 🙂

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14 Responses to Family Easter films for kids

  1. Hop is a great Easter film, I really like it, an’t beat a bit of Adam Sandler!! That reminds me to find our copy actually!

  2. Oh my kids were watching Hop the other day – its such an Easter related film i love it!

  3. Ahh we love nothing better than snuggling down with a good film. Cracking selection here!

  4. Jenni says:

    These are great choices! I love Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, in fact I wonder what my daughter will make of it!

  5. I must introduce Zach to Willy wonka! Great selection here

  6. I’ve never seen Hop, but everyone raves about it – I’ll need to give it a go this Easter! I LOVE Charlie and the chocolate factory, the original version will always come up tops for me!

  7. Hannah | MakeDo&Push says:

    Great choices! We love Willy Wonka! And my husband is a big fan of Chicken Run xx

  8. Great film choices! I shall have to introduce my toddler to these this Easter! x

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