Fighting flu with Boots!

Coming into winter we always seem to be poorly. These last few weeks have been horrible in this house. Teen and I got a really bad cough, then OH got it and gave it back to me, then I got a cold and now the toddler is really poorly. He’s not sleeping at night, which means we’re not sleeping and that is making it impossible to get better.

Boots contacted me recently with some information….

The research shows over half of mums (55%) do not do anything to help prevent cold and flu in winter, but if they took steps to protect themselves they could get an extra five days back.


The research from Boots UK also found that:

  • Last winter 62% of mums lost an average of five days to symptoms of cold and flu
  • On average, mums interact with 11 different people each day so it is important they take steps to stay well this winter
  • Over half of mums surveyed (51%) thought that they had caught their cold from their child, a third (33%) believed their colleagues were responsible and 29% believe they passed their germs onto other members of their family.
  • Only a third of mums (32%) have had a winter flu vaccination


This did not surprise me at all. I think we all forget that we may be able to prevent colds and flu. We all get every pill and potion in us when we are ill but why do we never ever think to prevent it.

I was recently given a nasal spray and some vitamins. We are going to use the vitamins and we are going to get some more. I think if we were to take vitamins, we have prevented being so poorly the past few weeks.

I think it’s very important to look after yourself while pregnant too and Boots UK flu pharmacist Deepa Songara says…

“According to our research 38% of women surveyed had a cold when they were pregnant or breastfeeding and 75% found it difficult to find a suitable treatment option to help them manage their symptoms.

“Often when you have a cold you will have more than one symptom so speak to your pharmacist to find the best treatment for you. You may want to consider a combination product or a range of products to help alleviate cold symptoms. There are also nasal sprays available which can help to defend against cold and flu viruses and reduce the severity of colds and flu.

“During pregnancy you want to feel as healthy as possible, so pregnant women should also remember that they are eligible for a free flu jab on the NHS to help protect both themselves and their baby. Speak to your midwife, pharmacist or GP to find out where you can get a free flu jab to help you stay well this winter.”

It’s easy to prevent cold and flu (well as best we can) and I think it’s something we shall think about from now on so I can get those lost days back!


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