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I have featured money saving tips a few times on the blog because I want to help families and myself to save some pennies for either a rainy day, more holidays, Christmas, anything you’re hoping to save for. I have decided this year to branch out more and feature whole articles on the ways to can save money in more detail. First up is broadband providers. Almost every household has broadband now because it has become more a necessity rather than a luxury over the years. I couldn’t do my job if I didn’t have internet, some of my children’s homework is now done online and the teenagers games are like fortnite is online. So it’s definitely something we would struggle to be without. Sad but true.

But there are so many different broadband providers out there that it can become a bit of a mind field and sometimes it feels easier to just pick the cheapest one or the first one you see. Also a lot of people tend to go on what friends or family recommend. Of course some word of mouth is good but you should still search around because what works for one family, may not work for another.

But I’ve found there are ways you can pick the best one for you.

  • Shop around. It can be time consuming but it is worth it. To make it a little easier, you can choose to use a comparison site.
  • If you decide on one (I recommend narrowing it down to a few), check the prices of the different packages they offer. Sometimes it’s best to choose a bigger package as you can always downsize later on if you find it’s too much.
  • Check the broadbands speed in your area. You could find a deal at a great price but then once it’s in, find it’s not very fast. We had this when we moved. It was fine in our old area, but not in the new area so we had to switch providers.
  • Watch out for hidden charges in the broadband deal. Almost every broadband will require you to sign up for a certain period so you don’t want to find yourself paying more than you expected but be stuck with it until out of the contract. For instance some may say ‘It’s xy to sign up’ but in small writing say ‘it’s xyz after the first two months’
  • Look for good customer services. I highly recommend reading reviews before signing up with anyone.
  • Pick the speed that suits your household – How many megabits per second (Mbps) you need to keep the house running smoothly
  • Limited and unlimited – Most deals are unlimited, but some households with low usage could save a little money on a limited package
  • Gifts, rewards and offers – It’s almost always better to pick a deal that’s offering cashback, gifts or other reward

There are three types of broadband available in the UK right now. They are:

ADSL, also called standard or non-fibre broadband

Superfast broadband, also called fibre broadband

Ultrafast broadband, also called gigabit broadband

Look to see which is best for you and your household. Don’t pay for something you don’t need.

They are the best tips I have found that work. I will say it’s not always best to go for the cheapest deal.

Also if you already have broadband, take a look at when your contract started because if it’s at an end, it may be worth ringing them to try and get a better deal or looking around for a better deal and switching.

I know a few people that switch regularly. It may seem like a hassle but it really can be worth it to have extra pennies in the bank.

Do you have any tips for finding the best one? Please comment below.

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