Today I have been thinking about friendships. My son who is 12 has a friend that he has been friends with since primary school. They are so sweet together! They walk to and from school together, they play after school together, Skype each other, go on days out together etc. They truly care about each other too. My son went missing for an hour a few weeks ago (he was just at another friends house) and his friend was just as worried about him as me! It’s so lovely when you know your child has a good friendship with someone.
But I do worry. I worry that their friendship won’t last. I only worry because I started thinking about my daughters friends.
She had a best friend that she did everything with. They are still friends now but not like they were. Now ALL of my daughters friends are bff’s and they all totally love each other and blah blah blah. It just doesn’t feel like genuine friendships now. They constantly fall out! Maybe it’s just the difference between boys and girls.
I really hope my son and his friend continue to have what they have now.

Have your children kept certain friendships?

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I think girls are more fussy and fickle when it comes to friendship….
    I had loads of friends when I was younger and my best friend would change every week…..My brother on the other hand is still best friends with the friend he was best friends with when he was 10….lol
    You’re son sounds like he has a great friend…..I really do hope it’s lasts 😀

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