Getting your child ready for a sibling with Johnson’s

Yay! It’s finally here, the month that the The Duchess of Cambridge finally gives birth to her second baby! As many parents will know, it can be scary getting ready to have another baby as you’re not sure how your other child/ren will respond.

According to research of UK parents, the top five tactics their parents used to help them adjust to having a baby brother or sister were:

1)      Play together (27%)

2)      Hold the new baby (26%)

3)      Help with feeding (20%)

4)      Help dress the new baby (17%)

5)      Help with bathing (15%)

The research also found, that ‘ordinary’ family moments can provide the best opportunity for siblings to form a special bond. Of those with older siblings:

  • A quarter in the UK (24%) shared a bath with their siblings when they were young
  • Older siblings helped teach their baby brother or sister the importance of sharing (26%), how to ride a bike (23%) and how to make friends (13%)
  • Over a third (35%) of UK children shared a room with their siblings


Having had two children close together and then a big age gap between those and my youngest, I know how tough it can be. I agree with part of this research in that I think those ‘ordinary’ moments definitely help form a special bond (apart from the teen years, there is nothing you can do there) I have my top 3 things to help the siblings bond

1) let them share a bath together it’s lovely watching siblings bath together

2) Have bedtime stories together, even if the actual bedtime is separate

3) Let the older siblings ‘help’ even if its not really helping exactly, it makes them feel good helping and they feel like they’re really stepping up to the mark of being a bigger sibling.

It can be challenging having more than one child but it’s also very rewarding. I hope Kate and William have a successful labour and are very happy as a family of 4 🙂




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  1. Bath time is such a special time for my children especially now my daughter is nearly one she giggles in delight at her brother’s antics 🙂

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