Getting Creative with Gel-A-Peel

Gel-a-Peel allows you to express yourself through your own designer creations! Create fashionable jewelry and lifestyle accessories in so many colors!

Design and create your own fashionable accessories with Gel-a-Peel! It’s so easy and fun! Use the gel color tube to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and your creations are ready to wear! Make over 20 sparkly bracelets to wear or share with your friends! This Gel-a-Peel Starter Kit has everything you need to design and create your own bracelets and cuffs. Design. Peel. Wear & Share! That is one option or you can maybe venture out a little more. We were recently sent some Gel-a-peel along with a water bottle and a tote bag to see if we could get creative.

As you can see we are not the most artistic but we had lots of fun and both of the items we decorated are practical and can/will be used. We still have some Gel-a-peel left so we’re thinking of what else we can design. Maybe some clothing?

What would you design?


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