Glam Goo Review

Love making slime? Love all things fashion? Slime just got fashionable with brand new Glam Goo!

The trend for slime shows no sign of slowing with over 3 million Instagram posts and countless videos on YouTube engrossing children up and down the country. Now there’s a new way to customise slime and it’s the hottest fashion accessory on the high street.

With Glam Goo you can customise, decorate and even wear your own slime. Start with Glam Goo – that’s our special clear slime (it’s made with love) – add in your choice of slime decorations – how about some unicorn tears or cloud crunch?! – colour and scent, mix, and your slime is ready!

The glam goo Deluxe pack has everything you need to make cool slime fashion for your own unique style! Fill the compartments of your cute slime purse with your sparkly creations to show them off. Add scents and colour to get really creative. Then add slime to the wearable ring.

Accessories include 3 tubes of confetti, 2 colour pots, 1 scent, and mixing spoon.

I received this awesome set for my niece who is 8 because she loves anything like this but when I received it in the post Harry said he wanted it so it’s definitely not just a ‘girl’ set. To be honest I wouldn’t mind a go myself. When I opened the box, I text my sister saying how cool it was 🙂


Box Contains

Glam Goo purse, jewel ring accessory, clear slime, 3 confetti tubes, 2 colour pots, 1 scent, mixing spoon.

RRP £22.99


*We were sent this set for the purposes of review but all opinions are my honest opinion. 


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