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Being sleep deprived is one of the worst types of torture (I’m sure of it) having a newborn I am expected to not get a huge amount of sleep but when you have a child 2 years + you expect to get a much better nights sleep from them and when you don’t it is far harder to function in the day and more often than not, they’re tired too so it makes for a really unhappy day, which of course nobody wants.

So when I was asked if I would like to test out the Gro Glock from The Gro Company  I jumped at the chance. I could tell you in a lengthy post how we did but I thought it would be better to keep a diary so you could see easily the results.

We made a two week diary from 11-24th March. The clock has been set 6am. Here are the results…..


Harry has been a nightmare to get to sleep let alone stay asleep. He was not one tiny bit interested in the clock and actually said once that he hated it but we still continued to set it. He also kept waking in the night and when my OH was on nights and I was left with all kids, Harry would get in my bed until the morning which would start at 6am.


Bedtime was a little calmer. He still messed around but it was for like 30 mins instead of hours. He woke in the night but both nights I didn’t let him sleep in my room and I pu him back in his room where he stayed until 6am.


Back to the nightmare getting to sleep and he played with the clock and made the sun come up and said “It’s morning now”. But he didn’t wake in the night and was up at 6.30am.


We’re making progress. Harry did mess a little at night but only enough to test how much he could get away with (which was not alot as he soon realised) After the 16th I set the lock on the clock so he lost interest in touching it. He’s enjoyed reading the book and loves saying that he has a clock just like the pig in the book. He woke at 6.30am.


Things have improved massively. He is sleeping during or just after his bedtime stories and we no longer get wake ups in the night. He wakes between 6.30 and 7am depending on what time he goes to bed. Preschool days he is really tired and we struggle to keep him awake past 6pm but none preschool (or busy) days he can stay up until 7pm.

So as you can see the clock is not an immediate fix, how long it takes to work regularly can depend on the child and the consistency of using the clock. I think it’s safe for me to change the clock time to wake for 6.30am now because he’s not woken before that time for a while now.

I was unsure about a clock being able to get us sleeping again but as you can see, it does work. I love the clock now and highly recommend it to anyone else that is struggling with keeping your child to sleep through the night. I’m going to continue using it with Harry and when Jack is older I will use it for nap times.


*this is not a sponsored post. I was sent a clock for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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